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Digital Design and Marketing

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Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

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Running a business can be overwhelming. Let our team do the heavy lifting.

Branding and Strategy

We cteate a startegy to create or setup your brand to improicve oyur online prensence. 

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Small Business Branding

Every good marketing plan starts with a one-of-a-kind logo to represent your business and your products or services. Keeping the branding consistent is the key to building consumer trust. It provides a synchronized message over all print and digital media. Additionally, part of every business is a face to face presence whether it’s networking socially, attending to your booth in a trade-show or meeting customers for the first time in an appointment. Making the best first impression usually means handing out a professionally designed business card that contains vital contact information along with your logo. Have one of our graphic artists create a custom logo to reinforce your company branding using key colours, correct typography, form and shape to match your business identity.

Ecommerce Development

All in one online stores and premium custom ecommerce setups by expert team members.

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Shopify All In One
Get your online business started with our all in one platform which incorporates online store set up and will be integrated with your essential marketing. Save money making your own changes simply and quickly even on your mobile device. We set up and create your online store to sell your products and grow your business. Securely accept payments by using our built-in Canada Post shipping or store pick up. Abandoned cart recovery sends automated reminder emails when items are left in the shopping cart. So then launch your beautiful store quickly with an integrated shopping cart and sell more with a fast mobile shopping and checkout. Additionally, we make SEO settings to improve your results on Google as well as automatically connect and build your Facebook Page. We also integrate email marketing which will reach out to your customers quickly and easily with featured products from your online store to drive more sales. Manage your inventory and track your results in your dash board. Everything is there at your fingertips.

Customized Premium Woocommece
Our most popular all in one platform incorporates a premium full hosting store set up, integrated with more advanced marketing and optional POS system. Save money making your own changes simply and quickly. We set up your products and downloads and embeeded payments or choose from 100’s of other popular payment gateway methods. Use Canada Post for shipping or add additional couriers you prefer. Our abandoned cart recovery sends automated reminder emails when items are left in the shopping cart. We setup a blog or news page to encourage engaging conversations. We make standard ecommerce SEO settings to improve your search results and submit your site maps. This premium level integrates all the major marketplace integration with Amazon and eBay platforms. Manage your inventory and track your results in your dash board. Have our marketing experts integrate your Facebook Ads and Google Store so you can run your promotions.


Search Engine Optimization

Making sure your website gets found with onsite, offsite and local SEO serttings

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Websites need to get found or they are just a waste of money. We provide various levels of SEO services to increase organic search results so that your business can keep up with our changing world. Our affordable standard SEO includes settings for onsite, offsite and local SEO as well as the essential settings and submissions to Google. Our premium SEO focuses on detailed keyword research, SEO writing and numerous keywords per page that will provide the increased rankings you must have to market your business successfully. We also offer complete SEO services for your online store or shopping cart focusing on each product or service page. Let’s help you find the right service for your website and your budget.

Digital Advertising

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To give your business that boost and make it faster than organic growth, digital search and display ads can help promote your small business services, your products and your brand. Drive traffic to your website, improve sales leads or increase your sales with search advertising also know as SEM ( search engine marketing) To promote branding and improve your online presence, paid display ads using images, placement and video are a welcome form of promotion. If you have an online store, integrating with platforms like Google or Facebook for shopping ads are key to a successful customer reach. Have our trained, experienced team members create a strategic plan setting your objectives, your budget, creating your ad copy, monitoring the results and tweak your campaigns accordingly.

Website Development

Standard and premium websites built by experienced designers and developers.

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Standard Template Websites
Get your business started with an affordable all inclusive website design and the essential marketing to get found online having it done in days NOT weeks. One of our experts will setup and design your deluxe website using a wide variety of industry themes and customize your website based on your preferred colours. We include quality stock photos or use your own. and offer right right amount of animation to make your pages more engaging. Additionally, we will set up your blog or news page, connect all your social media pages and customize your forms. Additionally we will set up mobile user access for simple, fast editing or arrange for our experts make your text and media changes to save your time. To make sure your new website gets found, we include SEO settings and submit your site map to Google.

Premium WordPress Design
Our most poplar WordPress design services are our premium professional layouts customized with your branding and content to reflect your business. We offer premium animation, colour fading features and high quality stock photos. We specialize in embedded forms and API features to make it function with your unique business type. If your requirements mean taking your website to the next level, we can create an integrated calendar booking systems, ecommerce online store or learning management system specifically for your business. Your website design is supported by marketing services to ensure your business is found and your online presence is strong. You need need worry about your website loading quickly, your content being current or website maintenance, as we have your covered with our website support programs.

WordPress Support Services

We provide managed secure WordPress hosting. content management and maintence support.

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Fast and Secure Hosting
Websites today need to appear quickly, be secure and be available 24/7. Therefore, we provide our clients with fast-loading and reliable managed hosting including business level SSL security, daily website backups and restore, malware scanning and removal and updates for the latest WordPress platform, current theme versions and plugin updates for recent features; hassle-free and worry-free so you can get on with running your business.

Content Management
The number one complaint for websites in North America, is that the content and images are not current. Beyond being current, regular changes help with your SEO ranking. Having new content posted on a regular basis and submitted to Google increases your ability to rank higher. We offer quick next day content management support for text, photos, audio and video media changes. This can also include making or changing settings and posting your blogs or news pages.

Maintenance Support
With our website support plans, our clients have first priority for website maintenance support. Sometimes things don’t always update the way they should or sometimes plugins have conflicts. Our web technicians can provide quick website repairs, address any breaks, make quick fixes, provide administration database work, execute administrative tasks or optimize performance improvements. Let our team do your website upkeep. It’s what they do best so you can keep doing what you do best.


Content Management

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Content is still king in great marketing these days. Good quality and relevant content increases your online presence for your brand and improves your search engine ranking for your website. The purpose is to entertain, inspire, educate and convince viewers. We provide professional content writing services for your blogs as a ghost writer, copy writing for your email campaigns to enhance your informative messages and posting content for your social media marketing strategy. Whether email campaigns, blog posting or social media platforms, our team will start with a marketing strategic plan and set up a schedule that makes sense for you, your business type and your marketing budget.

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a highly effective communication tool used to reach out to your existing customers and clients. Whether it’s an informational, educational or promotional email, we’ll create a dynamic and eye-catching campaign to reach out to your target market and then provide you with detailed reports of the results. To improve customer communication and to save your time, triggered automation can welcome new subscribers and can send a series of educational emails. For your online store, marketing automation will help recover abandoned shopping carts, reward you best customers, follow up on purchases, send branded notifications and thank new customers for the business. Get marketing automation working FOR you, because you have a business to run.

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