About RDS Digital Media

Our Mission is to provide affordable design and marketing services to Canadian small businesses. Our services include digital design to make you look good, marketing experts to get your business found and creative services to help you stand out from the crowd.

Our Story

Our roots come from working decades in the high tech world, the digital scanning/printing industry and in corporate sales/marketing. From those roots, we developed our business. It happened in January 2009 during a recession time. Since then we’ve grown our agency. We’ve branched out by gathering qualified team members who bring many years of experience and personal expertise to our company.

About RDS Digital Media

Our development and design team create integrated premium websites and mobile apps. Additionally, our industry-trained marketing team provide an array of current, online digital marketing services. We also offer a more defined group of people. They specialize in logo design, creative writing and animated explainer video production for our clients. For entrepreneurs and companies with internal resources, we offer branding marketing coaching for individuals and small group sessions.

About RDS Digital Media

Our Team

Meet our creative professional team who make it all happen!

Ron Davidson

Founder/Coach/Marketing Strategist

As our founder, Ron brings numerous years of experience and education in corporate sales, marketing, and training. His professional skills merge the gap between sales and marketing. He brings volumes of knowledge and common sense as he leads our team and assists members in all aspects of client projects. Ron has a special talent in recognizing the value of each team member. He selects team members who are creative and who specialize in their design and marketing skills. He completely believes that client’s needs come first before business requirements.

Andrew Irwin

Programmer/App Developer

Andrew’s education and background is in computers and technology. From just three years old, he was already fearlessly using a computer. At eight years old he was easily and successfully creating simple programs. That is to say, Andrew is a natural at using and technology to create programs and design custom apps. He’s learned to adapt to multiple programming languages, frameworks, and technologies that help him to solve any programming problems he’s faced with.

Gloria Graf

Project Manager/SEO Specialist

Gloria provides a unique balance between creativity and organization. Her educational and work experience is in graphic arts, copywriting, advertising and accounting. Gloria has a way with words. She has 30+ years experience in copywriting. It gives her the cutting edge on current trends, SEO and buzzwords in the marketing field. Her hands-on knowledge as a graphic artist and photographer transfers into visuals that capture the attention and enhances each individual client’s’ requirements. Her attention to detail and listening to clients’ needs  are her contributing strengths to the team. She know how to tell client’s unique story well.

Vince Chiccine

Graphic Art/Web Designer

Everyone is passionate about something, whether it’s sports, music or a heart-felt cause. For Vince, it’s the process that brings together typography, colour, texture and images into a particular design piece or project, whether on paper or screen, that is innovative, imaginative and inspiring! As a well-established media designer in both web and print, Vince has a full grasp of Marketing services, design and production. Additionally, Vince is a skilled photographer who is able to make staff, products and businesses ‘picture perfect.’

Tomas Krejcar

Website Design/Program Coder

Tomas’ love for logic problems and his flair for artistic arrangement makes website design the perfect choice for him. The challenge of bringing together the technical, the aesthetic, and the functional portions of webdesign into a unified piece is what Tomas is passionate about. He has been honing his craft since 2008. In the Peace Country area, he has provided unique web design services for several municipalities as well as many businesses and organizations. Thomas is also a fine artist who love to paint. His unique blend brings another layer to his website designs.

Kaitlyn McMurray


Kaitlyn is a skilled editor, having successfully edited published books. She is experienced in refining words and phrases on websites. She also utilizes the creative side of her craft to display and explain information to its best potential in content writing. Writing is Kaitlyn’s greatest passion. Kaitlyn’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts with an English Honors Major and Theatre Minor. Additionally, Kaitlyn is an artist specializing in animation. By combining script and story with characters and circumstances, Kaitlyn brings her unique and valued skills to enhance and explain in the digital Marketing world.

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