All In One Marketing

Bringing all your marketing channels together in perfect harmony for your small business or online store, effectively marketing with integrated campaigns for better ROI and providing audience insights and real-time reports.

All In One Marketing

Affordable marketing for small business services and ecommerce products with fully integrated systems that find audiences and learn as they go. These work with many common websites and online store platforms. Our all in one marketing includes social media and blog posting, digital advertising, email marketing, marketing automation and postcard printing and sending.

Affordable & Effective

The right marketing channels for your small business to be more cost effective & with better ROI

Integrated Channels

Combining your best audiences to  strategically target your market for growth

Versatile Platform

Choosing your marketing platforms that work for your business and audience

Content Marketing

Social Media Posting, Blogging, Postcard Sending

Be everywhere your customers are by standing out on social media and blogging. This takes more than posting good content; the right channels and timing are key. We provide powerful targeting to help you connect with your audience through the most popular social networks so you can build your online presence and within a reasonable budget. Get your brand in front of more people by having our team create, publish, and track the performance of your Facebook and Instagram posts all in one place thereby building a loyal community while staying on top of everything else going on. Also, you can point your social media posts to compelling landing pages for either your products and/or services. Send postcards to make your brand top of mind in real life to real people. We print, stamp, and mail your postcards into your customers mailboxes offering a modern twist on a classic marketing channel in mailboxes. It’s all about connecting and staying connected with your potential clents.

Digital Advertising

Managed Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads

To give your business that boost and make it faster than organic growth, digital ads with Facebook, Instagram and Google really help promote your business and brand. Drive traffic to customized landing pages for products and services to ensure better conversion rates. For your online store, integrating with platforms like Google or Facebook for shopping ads are key to a successful customer reach. Have our trained, experienced team members create a strategic plan by developing your ad copy, monitoring the results and tweaking your campaigns according to your objectives and your budget. Our all in one platform integrates your organic postings, email marketing and digital ads and the artificial intelligence coordinates and continues to implement your message. It’s kind of like a ‘learn as you go’.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Automation

Email marketing is a highly effective communication tool which is used to reach out to your existing customers and clients. Whether it’s an informational, educational or promotional email, we’ll create a dynamic and eye-catching campaign to reach out to your target market and then provide you with detailed reports of the results. To improve customer communication and to save your time, triggered automation can welcome new subscribers and can send a series of educational emails. For your online store, we integrate marketing automation with API that will help recover abandoned shopping carts, reward you best customers, follow up on purchases, send branded notifications and thank new customers for the business. Get marketing automation working for you with custom landing pages for better conversations and ROI.

Insights, Reports and Analytics

The more we know about your audience, the smarter we can be with your posting and campaigns. Our marketing tools help turn audience data into insights that guide your campaigns, spot patterns in your contact data and discover the people with in-depth and individual profiles. Our predicted demographics help us predict gender and age range so you know who’s buying. Tools like our lookalike audience finder locate new people who are likely to love your brand based on existing contacts. Our address finder helps find mailing addresses to allow posting in real life with postcards. To see what’s working in your business, our insights and analysis make it easy to monitor your trends, track your performance and create better postings, campaigns and ads as you go. Our detailed revenue reports track sales. From a single click by a customer using your campaign all the way to a purchase, our report discovers which customers made a purchase after opening your campaign, records what they bought, and tells you how much money your campaign has earned.

Our Partners

Our Process and Workflow.

We believe it’s vitally important for you to understand each process. Beginning with an introductory discussion, it’s our goal to work together with you during the marketing process and final editing. Our creative team of experts are excited to help you by working within your budget, to launch your brand, services or campaign 

Schedule a Meeting

Pick a convenient time for an introductory discussion about your business and to help us understand your requirements.

Strategic Planning

Once you review your detailed invoice and make a payment, we start by setting up your required marketing and critical planning.

Setup and Design

We set up and design your marketing channels and campaigns makin any necessary adjustments reviewing results.

Analysis Reporting

It’s fantastic to have your marketing in place, but it’s even better to have regular analysis and reports so you know how to plan.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us to learn more about marketing for your small business. Provide us with your essential information and we’ll have a creative, affordable marketing discussion for what services are right for you.

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