All In One Store

Now you can get your products or digital downloads online quickly with a complete online store setup, including all required marketing, secure fast loading hosting and mobile access for quick edits.

Online Store and Marketing

You can get an impressive looking, complete online store and online marketing quickly and which doesn’t break the bank.  It includes all necessary marketing: SEO settings, blog setup, social media integration and email marketing – all built in so you’re set to promote your business or service online. Additionally, we ensure secure and fasting load hosting with simple user access for edits and management from any device. 


Sell Products Anywhere

You are able to get mobile user access for quick site changes, remote store management so you can take mobile payments on the go.

Manage In One Place

You can even look after your orders and add new products, create a blog or social media post and send an email campaign all in one spot.

24/7 Support

You know that online store activity and sales happen every day and hour. Therefore, help & assisstance are there when you need it.

Online Store

You can have your flexible, online store set up for your business in weeks not months. Flexibility means we can add both products and digital downloads with many images per product and manage them all easily for you. Also, we make your customers buying easy and let them pay the way they want. For instance, you will be able to securely accept all major credit cards with PayPal, Apple Pay and Square. Additionally, for you products, you have the choice of allowing your customers to have them shipped based their weight or they can pick them up at your store if you have one. Finally, we design your online store with a beautiful mobile friendly theme that is based on your business type. With an all-in-one platform you can maximize sales with all the right marketing tools including SEO settings to get found with web searches, social media integration to improve your online presence and email marketing for communications and promotions. You can even add integrated online calendar booking for your services and take payments anywhere. Now that’s ticking all your boxes!

Mobile Ready

We built your store for the smartphone world since as you know, many of your customers shop on mobile devices. That’s why we make sure your store is ready for them. Your success is our success too.  Now check this out! Not only are you going to be set up for smartphones, but also your clients are able to check out quickly with a streamlined mobile checkout. It’s another box ‘checked off’ right? You know this feature helps you boost sales by reducing extra taps and swipes for customers, making it faster for them to buy your products and services. Plus they can order with ease with a mobile-friendly cart because we make it easy for them to pay with credit cards or to take remote Square payments. It’s money in your bank and increased sales for your business. Lastly but oh so importantly, we’ll make sure your online store looks beautiful on any device and works flawlessly on every device including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Don’t forget that your own user access means you can easily make changes or manage orders and your calendar right from your phone. You can even get a text message anytime you get a new order or appointment. Can you tell we’re excited about offering you our all-in-one store? It has everything you’re looking for and more! 

Online Marketing

Online marketing makes it easier to reach your customers and bring your orders in faster. Additionally, we make the required SEO settings for your store to help your site rank well in search results. As you are aware, ranking can have a huge impact on your business. Here’s another checkbox for you. Website Builder helps improve your ranking on web searches by adding relevant, high-value keywords and phrases. Also, we set up your local SEO so that it will help improve searches for your online store. Even more exciting is the fact that your customers can leave reviews of your products and service.  Furthermore, we will create and add your social media pages and integrate them for your easy access. We’ll even set up your email marketing to notify your customers of order statuses and notifications as well as create eye catching email campaigns that won’t end up in their spam folders. What’s even more amazing is that you can track your results to see how many people opened your email and you can also manage your email list with ease. These tangible results keep you in the know. Additionally, to keep your customers in the know too, we’ll also set up your blog or news page that you can post on a regular basis. Who knows your business or products better than you do? Show the world your an expert!

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