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A mobile office? What’s that really mean? Today it’s all about being mobile whether it’s your smart phone or your tablet. This is not my first blog about this topic; it started several years ago, but in keeping with the times, perhaps it ‘s time to be on the leading edge (not bleeding edge). I’m not naive to think everything will work on your mobile device, as some things just need the full app and bigger screen as many of you know from experience. However, I’m alluding to being able to work, communicate and collaborate from the ski hill, the cottage or from a conference hallway.

Thanks to the cloud and mobile apps, your small business, sales or tech teams should be able to work remotely. (Especially considering our bad Canadian winters). Would you want to go back to your phone or laptop wired to the wall to do business? Of course not. That would be absurd. Who doesn’t have a mobile phone or tablet in business today? In the same manner, our office needs to follow us wherever we go.

A good starting point would be using Office 365 or Google Apps for Work for for your email, calendar, contacts, tasks, online storage and document collaboration. Once these are in place and depending on your role in the business, your cloud CRM needs to be working in real time with your accounting system to send quotes, invoices, record expenses with receipts and accept and send online payments. In a moments’ notice you should be able to make a presentation from your file in cloud storage or send a spreadsheet to a client. I tell my staff “I never want to hear you say you don’t have that document” in front of a client. As they say, “strike while the iron is hot.” Can’t meet with a client? Try Google hangouts or Skype for a video web presentation. These are just the main APS used today; there are many others which may vary depending on your business type.

During your downtime, try finding great apps like GPS maps, CRM’s, accounting, bookkeeping, flight data, hotel booking, banking, blogging, email marketing reports, scanners, email delays, social media connections and coffee shops to name a few.

Picture yourself away from you home or office and ask yourself what you need on your phone or tablet to keep in touch, stay connected, share files and keep you business running seamlessly.

What are your favourite apps?

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