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Part of my nature, and I’m sure my wife will agree, is researching and learning about the new gadgets or what I refer to as ‘business tools that justify the cost’. What I am alluding to are the gadgets we need for our home/small office or road tools for travel. These would include new smart phones, new tablets, new wireless earbuds, wireless voice command speakers and full coverage WiFi devices. This is not an exhaustive list, but ones worth noting this year. 

NEW Smart Phones

Four new phones stand out which are offered by Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Google announced their own pure android phone called Google Pixel already winning awards for quality and an amazing camera. Not out yet, are the latest versions of Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. The new Apple iPhone 8  is rumoured to have almost no bevel or headphone jack in the prototypes. Samsung has gone one step further to recover from its “charred reputation” with the new Samsung S8 by adding an almost bezel less curved screen, no home button and no headphone jack. Coming back to the scene is the Microsoft Lumina mirroring Windows 10 operating system with a Display Dock to connect a screen and use like desktop computer.

Tablets to Check Out

Surface Pro Studio
Along with the new “Google made products” is their new Pixel C tablet with a companion keyboard stand that allows various levels of viewing and doubles as a protective cover. For all you creative folks, a large PC table product, a Microsoft Surface Studio with 28 inch touch display and powerful tools for drawing and video editing with Surface Pen and Surface Dial is now available. Even my Mac only graphic artist liked using this one.


Wireless Earbuds

Apple AirpodsThere are many new wireless headphones and earbuds out there, but the talk over the water cooler would have to be the long awaited Apple AirPods. Strange as they look and with controversy over the cost of insurance for lost earpieces, these new design wireless earbuds gives the wow factor Apple was attempting. http://www.apple.com/ca/shop/iphone/iphone-accessories

Voice Command Speakers

Google Home
This technology took Bluetooth speakers and voice command to the next level. If you haven’t heard about the Amazon Echo of late, you have likely been living under a rock. Recently launched in the USA only so far, the Google Home voice command wireless speaker is not only the latest in AI (artificial intelligence) but it looks and sounds great and you can link many in each room together.    


NEW WiFi  Devices

WiFi devices are in over abundance, but the new versions have full coverage in every corner of the home office or small office building. Again two of them stand out: Google WiFi not yet available in Canada and Apple AirPort available in Canada now. Both are good looking, small products that fit into most homes or offices. 

What are your top gadgets for 2017?

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