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Perhaps I’m just not techie enough (my wife would beg to differ) or perhaps I’m just too simple in my approach. Being in the online marketing business, my team and I are always on training mode with our industry changing by the minute. Just in one online training session over my morning coffee, I see more technical terms and jargon than most of my clients see in a decade. But why do marketing and SEO agencies try to throw out every term when showcasing or selling their services? Is it to impress our clients, justify our pricing or is it just the nature of our business?

Whatever your business or industry, perhaps it would do us all well to think more closely like a client or customer. Should it not really be all about the client or customer experience? If the shoe were on the other foot, would it not be better to understand how it affects you or your business rather than learn your vendor or supplier lingo? Wouldn’t you rather hear that you website needs to be found by Google and rank well in your customer’s search efforts, rather than discussing organic search engines with onsite meta descriptions, offsite SEO with backlinks, SEO content writing and extensive keyword search using your KPI from our initial intake meeting? I’m just guessing your answer would be the former over the latter.

Whether in my personal hobby as a professional musician where we say “less is more” or speaking with my best friend that is one of our seasoned graphic artists refer to the best logo design as “the most simplistic”, I found it best to keep presentations and conversations understandable and relevant to my audience.

Perhaps the next time you write your blog, present to a client or sell your services, it might be good to remove the tech terms of the industry jargon. Your potential customer or client will be more comfortable and not worried about being fearful that they are missing the boat. I’m sure the shared conversation will be well received and better understood. What a way to win the deal, retain the client and gain future business revenues. Or maybe it’s just me!

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