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In keeping with the latest and great marketing tools, one tool that every small business would love to have is the marketing automation that the big corporate guys use to keep customers and clients informed, educated and engaged. Strategic marketing intelligence if your will! Allow me to explain! What I’m talking about is creating and implementing an automated system that communicates while you sleep by targeting your customers or clients when triggered by specific dates, events or activities.

What type of business needs this?

For the most part, any and all businesses could use some level of this type of marketing – reaching out to existing customers or clients. Did you know that It can take upwards of 16 -20 times more marketing budget to win new customers, clients or patients? So why not target those already won over to your side?

eCommerce & Locations
Those selling products or services online must have automation to increase their sales revenue and compete with those offering the same thing. A high percentage of online purchasers leave the shopping cart before completing the process, so reaching out as a reminder brings many back to your website or location for a second opportunity to buy. Sending follow-up emails is crucial for specific, new, related or similar products and services.

Onboarding & Welcomes

For nonprofits, educational sites and businesses can benefit from a series of well crafted emails welcoming newcomers with a single or series of customized triggered emails. These new individuals should be not only be personally welcomed, but informed and educated with their preferences through a series of messages providing locations, contacts, policies, procedures and benefits.

Re-engagement Marketing

Keeping in touch while you sleep, Marketing Automation does an amazing job keeping your people engaged and informed of new products, revised services, awards, promotions, recent business activities and local events. Automation with triggered re-engagement, can bring back volunteers, students and clients for more engaging activities and sales revenues.

It’s important in a small business that you understand what the 80/20 rule is, how it affects your bottom line in your marketing budget and how it can dramatically increase your sales revenues this year.

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