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Not only do I wish you Happy Canada Day, but as a proud Canadian, I want to take the opportunity to wish Canada a happy 150 years of being a nation. Keeping with the Canada’s birthday eh, I’d like to contribute some recent Canadian stats about websites and online marketing:

Top Canadian Marketing Factoid

  • 49% of small businesses have websites
  • 91% of websites are not mobile friendly
  • 85% of people search the web for businesses
  • 87% won’t consider a business with low ratings
  • Number one complaint is websites are not current
  • The most popular website platform is WordPress
  • Most small business websites have partial or poor SEO

Keeping those stats in mind, the next paragraph explains how business Canadian business owner markets their business. It’s unwrapping all those stats like unwrapping birthday presents.

What do Canadian small businesses need today?

Before any design or marketing is done, branding and identity must begin with a well designed one-of-a-kind logo. Once that’s, in place, a mobile responsive website should be designed. It should be clean and simple with a clear message and good quality photos. To support your website, branded social media pages need to be created and integrated as well. Adding video or an animated explainer video is always a great idea providing more engaging media. It’s like blowing out 150 candles if you will – a wow factor!

A website not found by searchers is simply web waste. Therefore, websites must include organic SEO settings to get found by searchers. To boost search results and ranking, pay per click advertising with Google Adwords is recommended for more instant SEO results. Regular postings with blogging and posting in social media pages, will also improve business ranking with searchers.

The most effective marketing with the best ROI starts by reaching out to existing customers with email marketing campaigns. Along with this, triggered email automation sending a single or series of emails based on customer interactions is recommended. Marketing automation can increase lead generation, thereby reducing a marketing team’s time and improving the selling process blending sales CRM and marketing efforts.

Oh Canada!

There’s nothing greater than being a Canadian. So what does that mean for Canadian businesses? It means it’s time to create a mobile responsive website, have proper SEO settings to get found and acquire current up-to-date content. Using the website as a hub, marketing stays current with automation. It’s kinda like Canada’s birthday – 150 years in 2017 is up-to-date. Happy Birthday Canada – God keep our land glorious and free!

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