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It appears that many website designers are pushing for FAQ (frequently asked questions) on all of their clients. The question I have is “why?” I suppose most themes have this built in feature now so for that reason website designers want to include FAQ’s. Perhaps they think FAQ’s look impressive to their clients. Maybe FAQ’s are expected from website viewers. In contrast, some even say FAQ’s are too old school. With all of this in mind, I’m suggesting a few ideas from recent training and past experiences.

I’m of the the opinion that it’s not necessary for every website to have FAQ’s because many times, having a customer reach out to you is a better selling process. Perhaps there are other alternative to FAQ’s with more side benefits.

I believe FAQ’s are great if your business products and services need explaining as do some newly released products or complex services that prompt questions. Sometimes companies use them just to differentiate from another similar company.  In this case, FAQ’s may help answer those common questions and in turn, stand out from the crowd so to speak. If you have a new product or services that has a complex concept that needs to be explained, then FAQ’s will keep your viewers engaged for a bit longer.

On the other hand, if your customers are reaching out to your business through a phone call or live chat, that can prove to be more useful and immediate. Not only does phone or live chat show interest, but it gives your business the opportunity to close some deals through interaction. FAQ’s do not encourage interaction.

I would suggest that using animated explainer videos are a much more useful marketing tool than FAQ’s. Everyone wants to watch a video, including, I might add, yourself. It’s easy and it gets the point across in a fun and entertaining way. Uploading these kind of informative videos to YouTube not only furthers your branding but can increase your SEO providing proper settings are made for greater exposure, not to mention increased revenue.

So yes,FAQ’s are a great feature to add to your website or clients websites to help further explain services or products. But there should be a good reason why they should be added; they should not just be a nice feature add. That is not a good enough reason. You may want to consider the investment of an animated explainer video to boost comprehension and SEO improvement.

What are you thoughts?

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