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Is your sales and marketing a tug of war?

Having come from a corporate sales and marketing background, I saw many sales and marketing departments very disconnected and disjointed – almost like a tug of war. Today we see the value of a connected and coordinated sales and marketing team.  Paradigm shift has gone from 80/20 percent sales/marketing ratio in the selling cycle to 80/20 percent marketing/sales. Therefore, the need for the two to coexist in harmony is even more important. Integrating the two related departments incorporates these three things: lead generation, automation and consistent messages. It’s harmony instead of tug of war.

How do you connect the two?

Today connecting sales and marketing has never been more possible. Communication and marketing software is the key. There’s now no reason to be at either end of the rope. On the sales side, cloud based CRM integrated with email programs allows contact, tasks, calendar and file sharing on any device, anywhere there is an internet connection.  As for marketing, leads for sales can be generated from both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Sales leads and outbound automation help salespeople to focus on closing the deals. The pre- sale process has now become a thing of the past. Technically, combining a CRM with marketing tools requires an API (application program interface) key or code. It’s the connecting glue.

What type of software is required?

The type of software that makes these work are cloud based and are known as SaaS (software as a service). There are two ways to incorporate sales and marketing software together: The first option combines your choice of SaaS services and is very affordable. However, it requires few API skills. The other method is to purchase the new all in one services. However, you should be aware that there is a premium monthly fee and a substantial on-boarding fee. Common SaaS for separate services might be something like Salesforce for a CRM and Mailchimp for email automation API’d together. This combination starts around several hundred annually depending on the number of users and subscribers. The top brands for these all-in-ones are Hubspot and Infusionsoft. These two with on-boarding costs begin at thousands per year versus the hundreds previously mentioned.

What can be done with integrated sales and marketing?

There are lots of API integrations, but here are some common applications: By using a good CRM, not only can salespeople integrate activities and tasks into their email program, but they can also offer embedded lead generation to come from email campaigns, websites and ad landing pages. Signups can trigger welcomes, send out an education series of emails and notify clients on anniversaries or birthdays. Website eCommerce can streamline common transactional items to allow salespeople to work with more complex sales cycles. All of these actions have full management reporting for activities and results. Keep in mind that both solutions still require internal labour costs to create content and coordinate actions between the two teams.

Your marketing and sales could coexist in harmony

I’ve just tugged on the rope regarding sales and marketing integration. However, the point is to inform you about the benefits and provide you with some idea of their practical uses. Your marketing and sales tug of war could in fact, exist in harmony. I welcome your thoughts and inquires.

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