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Most business owners today would like to make a greener business, at the same time being more efficient and save some costs. Beyond cutting down less trees and using less fuel, the side benefits usually include less time spent and saving money. This all sounds good right? But what is required to make a greener world for our children and our grandchildren? I have a few thoughts to share as we approach the green spring season with learning how to reduce paper and greenhouse gases.

Reducing Paper

I’m sure my print colleagues won’t be happy, but our environment needs more trees not less. Business today can do many things without printing documents or marketing collateral pieces effectively creating a paperless officeBusiness cards are required to exchange contact info quickly, although electronic exchange is becoming more popular as many individuals discard business cards after they are scanned into phones or laptops. Marketing material can be accessed once customers reach the website to either view supporting collateral or save a PDF file for later viewing or storage. Many legal documents, contracts and accounting pages can be stored and backed up digitally for safer keeping and remote access. Faxing is almost dead, but if your business still need faxing, it’s better to send and receive digitally to save a few trees as well as lose less paper pages. Speaking of shredding, if you are saving files electronically, you should be shredding your paper pages for security reasons. In that regard, recycling your shredding has never been easier for most communities.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

This may sound a little political, but the reality is that reducing fuel consumption saves the environment, time and money. Yes in business we do need to meet face to face. But to save your time and your customers or client time, wouldn’t a conference call or video web conference call be a greener choice? Calling or web meetings save time as they tend to be more concise with less small talk. If saving time is not enough, saving money is always close to a business owner’s heart. The cost of travel time, food and fuel may be a tax right off, but reducing these expenses can add up to hundreds of dollars per month. If you can save on shipping of documents, courier costs can be eliminated as well. Signing digital signatures is being accepted more and more now.

Would you like to be seen to be lean and green? So what are your ideas on how to have a greener business and help save your planet for future generations?

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