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As many of you know, the current trend in B2B (business to business) today is to finally bring sales and marketing together into one team. Unifying these teams results in your customers receiving a consistent message and providing a positive effect for turning leads into sales revenue. But how does a small business accomplish that task when resources are low, staff are already wearing too many hats and there are no sales or marketing departments?

What are your options?

One way to consider this necessary unification is to use all-in-one SaaS (software as a service) in order to integrate a cloud sales CRM (customer relationship management) with powerful marketing tools for lead generation. The most common of these is InfusionSoft and Hubspot. These are relatively affordable monthly subscriptions providing an effective all in one solution. However, you should be aware of the large on-boarding costs to set up these cloud services.

The other way to make unification of marketing and sales happen, is to use separate SaaS services for the sales CRM and the marketing services with Salesforce for small business. After many conversations with small business owners, this combination is well featured and powerful but is usually out of the price range of most budgets.

In both SaaS solution types, the “true costs” are hidden from the software and on-boarding hype. These quite outweigh these monthly and upfront costs. Many small business owners must pay staff labour costs and utilize costly efforts required for training and execution of the marketing products. These tools must be implemented. This means your staff are required to input and maintain the data in the CRM along with your IT people integrating Office 365 or G-Suite. It also requires the labour staff writing email campaigns, setting up email automation and creative blogs, creating PPC advertising, posting on social media pages and monitoring the results. Are your staff content and promotion writers? What about website changes, website lead forms creation, onsite and offsite SEO and printed collateral?

What might be a better option?

Perhaps a better solution would be to hire a couple of professionals to handle the sales and marketing efforts. Experts setting up and using more affordable CRM and marketing tools API’d together are a powerful combination and can yield great results. Further still, outsourcing a full service sales and marketing company can reduce the payroll burden and lower the costs by only using them as required.

Want to combine your sales and marketing teams? Be sure to check out your options and compare your findings by keeping labour costs topmost in your mind and your bottom line.

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