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In technology today it’s good to be on the leading edge, but not the bleeding edge. But in marketing, it’s to your advantage to use the latest marketing tools and be ahead of your competitors. From recent research and keeping current daily, I have selected some key marketing trends for you to consider for 2017. Most of these current marketing trends apply to to websites, mobile apps and social media pages or channels.

Social Media
In the social media realm, it’s about video and more video whether it’s Facebook or YouTube. Kicking it up a notch is the ever increasing live video feed that can be used for testimonials, product, services or special events. Next is interactive content including quizzes, polls and contests. Last but not least since the trend just started, is buying directly from social media pages like Facebook purchasing.

Continuing with websites are fully responsive designs to view best with mobile and tablets as this technology is now exceeding laptops by the minute. National apps connect users and providers with products and services, Trending with websites are more interactive and motion features to keep viewers engaged. Chat widgets for customer service or inquiries are now prefered by customers over phone calling.

Online Marketing
Understanding traffic flow is more important than ever using tools like Google Analytics embedded within every marketing tool and platform to better understand the who, what, where, when and why. There has been an increase in marketing automation from customer preferences and habits, reaching out to a targeted market, personalizing the messages while you’re sleeping. Another trend is reaching out with a feel good element with your business partnering with charities. Certainly social media platforms for marketing are increasing for more consumer based products and services.

Top 10 Marketing Trends

  1. Interactive Content – to keep customers engaged
  2. Influence Marketing – video testimonials or recommendations
  3. More Videos – animated and live streaming videos for demos, showings or events
  4. Live Chat – for quick inquires and customer service instead of phone calls
  5. Mobile First – responsive and optimized promotions for the mobile lifestyle
  6. Personalized Marketing- marketing using preferences and customer habits
  7. Marketing Automation – reaching out to a targeted market and remarket after viewing
  8. Feel Good Marketing – effective elements by partnering with charities
  9. Social Media Buying – purchasing through Facebook or other social media pages
  10. Traffic Flow Analyses – using Google Analytics and performance based metrics


Keeping ahead of your competitors is challenging and time consuming. Using a good marketing firm that is currently trained in the latest marketing trends will keep your competitors on their toes, your business on your feet and provide better return on your investment.

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