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Organic marketing takes time. PPC (pay per click) marketing is instant. Both cost money! I was recently speaking with a potential client that chose a DIY marketing path to save money. But did they? If  you decide to do your online marketing on your own and think that “anyone can do this” and “I’ll save some money”, you just might find out that your efforts are time-consuming and the results are meager.  Why then does this happen? May I make a few suggestions.

Websites that work

Beginning with a website can’t be all that difficult, right? Perhaps at first glance no. However, are you a copywriter and understand rhetoric, the fine use of words? Have you been trained in the graphics world and understand the emotion a photo or colour creates? Incidentally, how people react to colour, images and words create the effectiveness of your website. Can you imagine how incredibly important these keys items are when your are creating online marketing and there is a budget behind your efforts?

Organic marketing is slow

Even a great website without being found is just a glossy brochure on the web and about a useless as a pocket in a pair of underwear. Websites need to have proper search engine optimization which means proper settings must be made on the website as well as registration with Google and Bing so that searchers find your website. Good rankings on first and second page take time. While this does not take a lot of money, it does take some expertise to make it work well.

Instant marketing results

The “Red Bull” of marketing online is PPC (pay per click) marketing because it provides instant results, first page results and usually good ROI. There are now several social media PPC marketing today and we have tested them all.  However, we recommend Google Adwords for search preferred businesses and Facebook Ads for placement of brand awareness. You can use these services as DIY; however you will get better results and ROI if you have a marketing agency manage the budgets, design and result monitoring.  You only pay for ads that are clicked on and not the number of ads shown!

Statements and questions

It’s strange to think that we all had no problem paying for newspaper, radio and television ads a few decades ago that were thrown to the masses and no accountability for results. Today small businesses can use lower monthly budgets, select our target markets and get management results reports. So why do we hesitate to purchase such a good lead generation tool? Organic marketing seems to save money but as I’ve indicated, the results you desire are like that pocket in a pair of underwear.

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