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Email is an essential part of every business today and most of us could not imagine living without this important communication tool. However, I meet various small business owners every day who do not realize that there have been changes with new tools like social media messaging, texting and chat widgets. Let’s face it, email is still prevalent and not likely going away anytime soon so staying current with this important communication tool is vital.

Microsoft Hotmail

If you still have a hotmail.com email account, you should consider moving it over to their newer Outlook.com as they are trying to shut down that service (no date announcement as of the most recent post). Many small business owners have experienced emails being blocked and increased spam emails in their Hotmail accounts. Outlook.com also offers many features including word processing, online storage and communications tools. To convert an old Hotmail account into a free Outlook.com simply follow these steps.   

G Suite or Office 365 hosted services?

If you are operating a small business today, you will need a domain email address to look professional, not just a start-up business. Moving from a single domain up to a Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 will provide you with a corporate type of hosted email for all your team members along with word processing, online storage, collaboration, intranet sites and web communication tools. Pricing starts at the cost of a Starbucks premium coffee per person per month. You can set these up yourself, however, we recommend using a local IT service provider especially if you are backing up and migrating your old system.      

Email marketing is not dead!

I’m sure you have seen many new interactive and instant online communication tools, from social media instant messaging to chat widgets on websites. However, email is still the backbone for most small businesses today. Beyond the above requirement for hosted services like G Suite and Office 365,  email marketing and auto response emails are still valued tools. Mailchimp and Constant Contact are the big names for email marketing services. So if you need to send educational and promotional messages to your customers or need a reliable email auto response system to inform your new customers, you may want to consider one of these providers(Personally. I prefer using Mailchimp).  If you’re new at email marketing, you might want to consider using a professional to manage your email campaign set up, design and monitoring in order to get better results.

Successful email campaign writing tips

  1. Plan your marketing strategy
  2. Use exact target marketing  
  3. Focus on one simple message
  4. Use photos that create emotions
  5. Obey CanSpam Act rules
  6. Sending times are crucial
  7. Integrate with social media
  8. Use relevant external links
  9. Set up triggered automation
  10. Learn from result reports

What are your thoughts on the direction of emailing for small business?

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