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We have all heard that “traditional advertising is slowly dying” Many in the radio and print business may disagree, but they know they are losing business and what else can they say? Besides, today clients want target marketing and detailed results reporting. Don’t just believe my words, have a look at the results of traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing efforts in print, radio and television are not only declining, but the effectiveness is not what is used to be. Customers have been so over marketed over the years, they simply turn it off, move to a different channel or recycle any print material before it’s even viewed or read.

When did you last use the Yellow Pages Book to look up a business for a phone number or address to contact or locate them? Did you GPS the address or pull out a map? Were you able to find a friend’s number in the phone book or are they only using a mobile number now? These are all questions you need to ask yourself to see if your world has changed too.

Newspaper subscriptions are dramatically down, free papers are recycled immediately and flyers tossed in the bin. Thus any print advertising is not effective and are mostly wasted efforts (not to mention unnecessarily destroying trees).

Did you Google search pricing for sales of an item you wanted or did you drive from store to store comparing pricing? Do you watch TV or do you stream movies on Netflix and watch videos on YouTube for your entertainment? Do you listen to the radio and get annoyed by the DJs and advertising or do you just stream Spotify? Did you buy a CD for music entertainment or just download the songs you wanted or create your own mix for that party? Yes, our world has changed and so have our means to market to a new audience.

The current credibility established today is really the old school way of word of mouth. To promote a brand, product or service, consumers prefer to find out from friends as to what they prefer. They read recommendations rather than have advertisers tell them what they need.

Here are some highly effective ways today to make the best use of your efforts:

  • Create case studies from successful customers on your website and social media posts
  • Encourage customers to leave online reviews and publish them to your website
  • Ask for customers testimonials to post on social pages and your website
  • Write blogs to share your company’s story and credibility thereby encouraging engagement
  • Have sales teams get client recommendations and share on Linkedin Profiles
  • Feature company awards and rankings on social media and websites
  • Use the power of big numbers to encourage readership of blogs or signups

We live in a new world that is tired of advertising and blocking these ads. These same people are looking for companies offering a fresh more subtle approach of the sharing new services and products. I believe today the key to marketing is discovering what customers are saying about a brand, product or service, not the self promotion of a brand. Having said that, there is a right time online to show new products, benefits and features. These should be followed by real customer experience and live interaction.

Your thoughts?

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