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Its best to define what marketing automation is and then discuss the benefits. Marketing automation in layman’s terms is simply “the combined automation process of a sales and marketing using cloud software”. How can it help your small business? It’s saves your time and effort by providing a more effective way to market and communicate to your customers.

Who is marketing automation designed for?

These combined software services are designed for a B2B (business to business) type of company for sales and marketing teams. Sales leads from your inbound marketing efforts such as organic SEO and Google Adwords, are routed to the sales CRM (customer relation management) for salespeople to follow up and close. The automation process continues to inform and send more leads to existing clients.

What are the key areas within marketing automation?

It starts with contact management for the whole team. Contact management gives complete contact information to sales people, as well as inside support and marketing teams. This allows all groups to know everything they need to know before reaching out to customers. Second, in order to reach out to customers, getting to the heart of software integration is the kind of marketing automation that is easy to use and simple to apply. Practically speaking, this means A.Email campaigns which educate and inform. B. Auto responders to greet and C. Behavior triggered emails to keep in touch. Third, to complete the cog in the wheel, sales automation integrates sales follow-ups with personalized auto responders and a series of emails to educate and inform as a pre-sales tool. Finally, on-boarding after the sale can be automated to save time and foster better business relationships.

Summary of marketing automation benefits

  • Modernizes small business marketing
  • Completely integrates sales and marketing efforts
  • Provides better company branding and consistency
  • Generates more qualified leads
  • Gives better customer buying process
  • Manages leads and opportunities better
  • Increases cash flow with eCommerce
  • Improves click to conversion rates
  • Saves more management and employee time

So go ahead and make some noise, improve your marketing process, engage with your customers or clients and save some valuable time along the way.

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