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I guess it’s best to start with the definitions of both content writing and ghostwriting first and then explore what it really means in the world of online marketing. Content writing can mean a few things to different people; however, for the most part it is referring to a third party taking the essential points of a topic or industry and writing a smooth, readable document in a professional way. In a different manner, ghost writing is still a professional writing service, but it means writing blogs, articles or emails on behalf of the company or client. A ghost writer may tend to take on their own voice, but will still produce quality writing for their clients who hire them.

How do I know when to use these services?

The easy way to understand when to use these services begins with realizing and admitting that writing skills are not available within your company or organization. The other main factor is more of a time and task issue. If you or your people have maximized efforts internally, then perhaps it’s time to consider a content or ghost writer. Lastly, if you need to increase the professional level of your online marketing whether it be your website, blog, email campaigns or ebook, then it just might be time to outsource these tasks.  An expert ghostwriter or a content writer may just be what your business needs to increase your following and customers online.

What’s the downside of these services?

The first thing that comes to mind is cost. Yes professional services do have an associated cost, but the cost of amateurs internally could have a negative effect. Also, sometimes writing posts or blogs tend to have the tone of the writer so outsourcing ghostwriting may lose the writing style that your audience may have been used to over time. Confidentiality may be a concern if your writer writes for similar companies like yours.  Therefore, you may want to have them sign a NDA agreement.


Find a content writer that has experience in your field of work or supply your writer with the right resources that they can pull from for content. Use a ghostwriter to save you time and improve the writing level of your blogs or emails by giving them the topics or subjects you would like to cover. By investing in either a professional content writer or a ghostwriter you can save your time for more important tasks yourself but still be able to increase your customer base online especially when they post good articles on a consistent basis.

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