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Why would you need email marketing today? Has it’s time come and gone? Isn’t it a little old school? Have you thought perhaps that marketing today was all about SEO and social media? What’s it’s relationship to email automation? Maybe you’ve asked “Should I still have email marketing and what type of business is it best suited for?” These are all valid concerns and questions. The rest of this blog might just answer these questions and peak your interest thereby driving more sales toward your business and causing awareness for you in a new manner.

What does the new email marketing include?

To begin with, you need to know that email marketing is not just importing a list and sending out campaigns. There are new rules. It’s all about permission email marketing, so sign up forms are a very big deal on your website, email signatures and Facebook page. Make sure you have this in place. The new campaigns have drag and drop set ups and are fully mobile for the ever increasing smartphone market. The technology has improved allowing embedded videos which can be played within the emails. Results reporting can be very revealing for future sending. Even AI (artificial intelligence ) can be used for the best sending times based on past opens and customer patterns. This is not even the new stuff yet. Email automation, triggered responses and timed educational series is all part of the new email marketing today.

What type of marketing is it and who should use it?

Email marketing is known as push marketing and should be used by existing businesses to build existing customer and client base. Yes you can and certaining should start building a customer base sooner than later. This permission email marketing is designed to reach out and keep in touch by promoting and educating your your customers, clients and patients. Not only is it still effective, but it is also a highly affordable marketing tool to increase business at a much lower cost per acquisition. Besides, selling to your existing customers is 10-16 times easier because they already know and trust you.

What type of businesses use this tool?

It best to first understand that there are three main categories of businesses: nonprofits, B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business). Nonprofits can use email marketing to reach out to donors and on the backend, obtain more volunteers through their network. B2C businesses like online shopping carts, retail, education, restaurants, clinics, landscapers, plumbers etc can use this tool to inform, educate, promote and communicate to customers, students and patients. B2B have been using this tool for years and tend to set up more automation for lead generation, customer or client education and product or service promotion.

So how should you get started?

Find a good service provider and set up an account creating signup forms everywhere by using a carrot or giveaway to encourage signups to build your list. Start sending out regular campaigns no more than once per week to your subscribers. Looking at reports and determining any changes in format or wording that needs to be made gives you the best way to reach your subscriber base. Once in place, set up a series of triggered automations to keep new signups or other triggers to educate and inform over time. If you have a storefront or online shopping cart, it’s best to use automation to thank clients for business, remind them about abandoned shopping carts and inform them of related products or services.

It sounds simple but can take time and a bit of training especially with wording and format, so many businesses hire this task out to experts for setup, monitoring and better results.

Your thoughts?

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