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Yes, email marketing! This type of marketing is not dead. Email Marketing is still one of the best tools for reaching out to existing customers and clients while you are sleeping or working on your next contract. It still amazes me that marketing firms today have dropped these types services from their offerings and only focus on website building and SEO. I believe it still needs to be part of most marketing strategies.

So what exactly is email marketing and why should I use it?

Permission email marketing is in a nutshell, sending direct emails addressed to approved subscribers containing relevant information. It includes RSS blog feeds, promotions or email automation campaigns. Investing in email marketing campaigns as a marketing tool provides an affordable marketing solution with quick results and a larger ROI than traditional marketing, organic SEO or social media marketing. This type of marketing is fully measurable with detailed reports to see open rates, clicks, locations and demographics.  There is no better way to make it easy to understand how effective the efforts have been for the dollars invested.

What do I need to know to get started?

Begin with planning your marketing strategy in your first quarter. Your email campaign should have topics that, after you’ve done your research, your target audience wants to hear about. When you create your first campaign, it’s better to focus on one simple message and create a more informational type of email. Starting with a brief story always provided better retention and evokes better readership.

How important are sending times and reports?

Sending times are crucial with emails. Therefore, it’s important to determine best times and adjust for time zones. Once your campaign has been sent, it’s ideal to create a report of the results.  You will be looking at who opened, when they opened, how many times as well as who clicked on your links.

Key Tips

  1. Create a subject title to prompt curiosity and encourage opening
  2. Apply relevant photos that create the emotion of the topic
  3. Make sure your emails are easy to read and have good flow
  4. Use bullets to quickly let your readers see your key points as many readers tend to scan read
  5. Set up external links which will open a new tab in browsers
  6. Always integrate sending with your social media pages
  7. Use segregated lists to best target messages to relevant audience

Email Marketing effectively sends messages to educate or promote your products and services to your existing clients and patients. I highly recommend keeping email marketing as part of your marketing arsenal. Remember the 80/20 rule:  80% of your business comes from existing customers. Spending 20% of your time on them with email marketing makes sense (cents) and dollars.

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