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Podcast blogging is quickly on their way to becoming a primary medium for quality content distribution. They can serve as a principal source of income, an extension for other platforms or help to expand audience markets. As podcasting begins to explode, it allows many people to pursue a hobby and even make a decent amount of money with these media. It’s quite easy to get started, as long as you make time or have the resources to record and publish your podcast on a regular basis. I usually suggest a weekly schedule in order to gain the traction required for success.

To make your voice sound great for your audience, you will require good equipment and technical skills or a good audio professional to create and publish your productions. In terms of a platform, you will require a viable podcasting blog theme to enable you to organize your podcasts and offer tools for audio support and blogging. Keep in mind that good podcast themes are designed to make the experience better for both you and the listener. You can technically choose most theme and platforms to host your podcast. Many experienced podcasters will tell you that the equipment you use is by far the most important part of creating a podcast. Even if your content is great, no one will want to listen if it sounds like you are talking in a gymnasium. It’s common for podcasters to complete podcasts into a MP3 file type, since it maintains the audio quality and keeps the file size small for web use. In general you’ll need a place to host these large files with a reasonable price and lots of server space. Once you have the media file on a hosting account and a plugin, you’ll be ready to stream that media file on your blog.

I would suggest starting to build an audience by speaking on subjects important to you, by speaking directly to your audience, by interviewing guests or by conversing with a co-host. Once your podcast is uploaded and posted, make sure each blog is setup to be optimized with key search engines and fully integrated with your social media pages.  Who knew that a hobby podcasting can become an income or marketing outreach?

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