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So what’s the secret behind every great blog? There is no secret really, but it does require some writing skills and basic writing formats. Here’s a quick rule of thumb: tell them what you are going to tell them in the first paragraph, then tell them again by expanding the thoughts in the body of the blog. Finally, tell them what you told them in a summary or conclusion. I have enclosed my thoughts on how to get started. They include the various components of the blog and a few ideas about what else you should know.

How do you get started?

The best practice is to develop several themes. You do this by setting up three months of topics and writing three or four blogs in advance rather than rushing to meet a deadline each week. For it to be effective in terms of creating credibility and improving your SEO, a weekly or bi-weekly post is required. The most important aspect is to be consistent with the postings: on schedule, the same day and same time.

What are the components of a blog?

A blog requires three or four key components. It starts with a title, the blog body of text, a relevant photo and a few keys words about your topic. The subject title and photo are more important than most clients realize. The title should be extremely captivating. It should be either as a powerful statement or an intriguing question to promote further reading. The photo you use must be legal so you need to purchase a stock photo or find a copyright free picture. Your photo should create the emotion of your topic and not just be a random picture. The title and photo are the hook.  It  allows viewers to be captivated to read your blog. As for the body of your blog, basic rules of writing still apply. Keep you text jargon free and easy to read and understand. If you discover you are not a writer, but still see the value in a blog, then hire a creative writer or ghostwriter.

What else should I know?

Make sure you add external links to relevant websites or references and make sure this link opens in a new browser window so you don’t lose your reader. Every blog needs to have some SEO work done to make sure it’s searchable with Google. That means you must set up categories, create several relevant keywords and adjust the SEO settings on the page. Always proof your text. It’s a good idea to add your blog to your social media pages. Always monitor your results to learn what works and respond to any legitimate blog comments to keep your readers engaged.

Blogging done consistently will provide better SEO for your website (assuming the blog is part of that) and improvement of your online presence as an expert in your industry. The best part is that it’s not hard core selling but a softer education in the sales and marketing process.



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