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It seems everyone is jumping on the marketing band wagon and offering SEO services. There are so many out there now throwing ads in your face or calling your business every day. How does a small business figure out which is real, what one to use, what’s good value and what’s a scam?

First of all, one must understand what SEO stands for, why it’s needed, and what is it used for in business. SEO is “search engine optimization” or in layman’s terms making settings to allow search engines like Google help your potential customers find your business on the web. Making good settings allows your website to get found quickly over your competitors with keywords your customers typically use. Local SEO is one of the key marketing services to get your business or service found in your community.

Perhaps you have had basic SEO settings made, but you are competing with the rest of the world for those keywords. Most businesses with “brick and mortar” require local SEO to catch the local web searchers so that they can map your place of business, find your hours of operations, get your contact information and link back to your website. This would be not different than a decade ago paying to put your business in Yellow Pages to get found. Yes I said paying. The problem with the web is that we’re used to things being free, but advertising has never really been free. Today we are just using a digital media rather than a paper format like newspaper ads or flyers or phone books but digital media is used with more targeted results and with a much much larger audience.

So what should I expect from local SEO services? My list is not exhaustive by any means, however it should give you an idea when you are looking to set up your own if you are so inclined or hiring a professional service provider to get better results.

Local SEO Expectations

  • Get found by potential clients in your local community
  • Found in Google maps for customers to find your business location
  • Shows your company address in a clear and uniform format
  • Provides opening hours and contact information
  • Gets better usability of your website contact page
  • Allows your website to rank higher in searches in your local community
  • Offers on-page and off-page SEO for better rankings
  • Affordable DIY software or monthly professional marketing services

So to improve your local search results and get your business found in your community, I highly recommend adding local SEO marketing to your marketing strategy and to your budget to improve your business leads and sales revenues.

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