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For small business owners, there are so many choices to promote your business online that it’s hard to know where to start. You may ask yourself “Should I do it myself?”  “However, there is so much to learn and poor results could ruin my reputation.”  “Do I use a boutique design agency that just specializes in logo and websites?”  “What about just an SEO marketing agency focused on getting your website found?” “Or should I use the just a creative agency for video production and professional copywriting?” “Might there may be a chance that each one might point the finger when issues arise or the cost will escalate using separate agencies?”  All of these are relevant questions you should ask yourself.

There are certainly two schools of thought and two perspectives. However, I believe a reputable marketing agency can offer clients the full package at a more affordable price as well as offer better communication with synchronized services offerings. Perhaps a full design and online marketing agency would better understand your objectives and requirements from the very first meeting all the way to tweaking marketing efforts to increase exposure or streamlining your business processes. They usually have specialized team members experienced in just one or two areas of expertise for better focus and knowledge in a concentrated channel.

So what should you look for?

It should start with great intake meetings and project scopes which look at your overall objectives goals and targets. Once that has been mapped out, branding or rebranding should be addressed starting with your logo design.

The hub of your online marketing is your website where traffic is driven in and out, so good website development and design should incorporate custom fully responsive website for mobiles and tablets. At this point, you may want to consider whether or not a mobile app makes any sense for your business.

A website that is not found is just “wasted web space” or a “glossy digital brochure online”, so getting search engines like Google to find your business site is a must today. There are two ways to get found either by organic SEO (search engine optimization) or paid search results (SEM) search engine marketing. Having an agency that can offer both services would bring more success in search results. Onsite and offsite SEO takes time and is usually more affordable, whereas SEM produces more instant results, but you will need an advertising budget in order to get the results you are looking for.

Other organic SEO results will come from efforts like social media posting, blogging and YouTube uploads. More proactive marketing or account nurturing usually comes from email marketing to client base or triggered email automation to educate new potential customers during a signup process. Having these as options in-house will improve your objectives.

Full-service marketing agencies will offer several expert creative services to improve your image with professional photography, video production, animated explainer videos, content writing or ghostwriting.

In conclusion

So yes you can get it all. A good full marketing agency will bring the resources to you and in one location at a price you can afford. (I just can’t say the overused phrase “one-stop shop” anymore)

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