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Media Production

Professional photograhpy sessions, video recording, animated explainer videos and post production editing are all part of our arsenal of media production.  We use our professionally trained team and all our creative juices to produce exactly what your business or service requires. It’s an excellent way to be on the cutting edge in today’s business world of technology and change.

Professional onsite photography

Our Professional photographers combine technical proficiency with artistry to create images that portray your story.  Their equipment includes cameras, tripods and one or more lenses and illumination devices. With these, they record the elements of light and composition in unique and creative ways. Our photographer’s job encompasses more than just snapping a shutter. They schedule and set up shoots, travel to your location, and maintain their equipment.  Their job also includes record-keeping of your photos and image processing. As Digital photographers they work with the best of breed computer photo-editing software to prepare your final images. They take ‘picture perfect’ to a whole new level to make your pictures work for your business. That’s what media production is all about.

HD video recording services

As trained professional video recorders and editors, we work with you to plan your story using script and story-boarding when required.  We work onsite to assemble your recorded raw material into a finished product that’s suitable for publication.   Your material may include camera footage, dialogue or voice-over, sound effects, graphics and special effects. We use current digital technology, specialist computer software and high-quality digitization of sound and pictures.  This media production then provides you with a finished product you can be proud to show your clients and customers. In addition, we make available to you a finished product file. You have the option of posting it on your website or social media accounts. Combining technology with ‘Moving Pictures’ to send your message is what we’re all about.

Complete Animated explainer videos

Bring your business to life online with a quality slider or animated Ex-plainer Video. For a slider video we can use your photos or you can choose from our huge library of high quality images. We will create a dynamic slider video which shares your story or explains your services. Having us create an animated video is one of the most engaging ways to explain your products or services. It’s one of our favourite digital media formats. Our professionals will take care of scripting, the story boarding, add professional voice-overs and background music. Harnessing the power of a cartoon can help you create high impact messages to speak to potential customers in ways virtually no other medium can. Have our experts and creative team get to work today.

Recent Work

Laurie Cruise Dentistry Onsite Photo Shoot

Setting Up for outside shots

The photographer and the fearless leader

Checking photographer's work

Setting up for inside photo shoot

Lighting has to be just right

Camera adjustment

Fearless leader looks on

We take our work seriously 😉

First group shot set up

Finished Product with addition of shrubs

Dental patient being greeted

Dental Exam


1 Dental Staff photo

2 Dental Staff Photo

3 Dental Staff Photo

4 Dental Staff Photo

5 Dental Staff Photo

Mayfield Cleaning Animated Video Ad


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How can media work for you?

We’d love to sit down with you over coffee and talk about what media you may need to promote your business or to just get people to sit up and take notice. Let’s talk. Over coffee.

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