It’s the time of year where giving is part of the Christmas spirit. Even through all the hustle and bustle of the season, the spirit of giving is everywhere. As most of our parents have said, “It’s better to give than to receive.” Perhaps, bestowing that spirit of giving of our ‘non’ scrooge heart to our customers and clients, we can give them a little something special. How about not just giving this time of year, but spreading that spirit of giving throughout the year? Whether or not you have a giving spirit, there is a business principle that suggests giving your customers or clients a little more, usually results in most giving a bit more back.

Try Giving Away

With this in mind, why not offer free trials, free samples or ‘try before you buy’ for your services or products? Many small businesses and many of the big brands do this now. If it’s working for them, they must know something! For example, Salesforce CRM offers a free trial, your local Ford dealer offers a test drive and Costco offers tons of samples. It’s also a way to put yourself in your customer’s or client’s shoes. So, ‘giving away a little something special,’may just encourage a new client or customer to purchase something from your business in return. It’s a valuable way to encourage the sales process.

Other Business Models

Perhaps you think the ‘giving’ business model won’t work for you, but it just might be a matter of being creative. Do you build houses? Offer a free deck. Do you install furnaces? Extend a free maintenance for 3 years. Are you a professional? Offer a free first appointment. No matter how you wrap it or ‘present’ it, I believe the basic principle is the same, and it usually returns great results. Not everyone will respond as desired, but a good majority is the best small businesses can hope for on a decent return on your investment.

Looking at 2019

Why not take the time to use the power the gift giving to bring in more sales to your business or organization? This idea is certainty not new, but many times it gets forgotten especially when times are good. As we approach what appears to be an upcoming slow down, the time to think about giving may just be the thing to boost your sales revenues.

Remember if you give a little, you’ll likely get a lot in return.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.