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The Christmas season is the time of year when most people find a little good in each other which is often called the “spirit of giving”. Many of us know that it usually feels a bit better to be giving than getting. I’m sure Santa would agree! Giving gifts from my experience, is always a good feeling, but there quite often is an unspoken obligation from the receiver, to give back. Perhaps we should all have that spirit of giving without expecting anything in return. Whether in our personal lives or in our everyday business dealings, what would it be like if we did not to expect to receive in return, but just to give? Here’s a few reasons for the “spirit of giving” you may want to consider:

It’s one of life’s mysteries that does not really make any sense to the logical mind, but we all know that it’s one of the strong possibilities in all races and religions. Whether you call it “Karma”, or say “What goes around comes around” or “One good turn deserves another”, the principle is the same; do something good for someone and it returns many times over. It may not return in the same way you gave, but somehow it does make a difference.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, we should apply this in our business dealings if we want our business to grow beyond our business plans. Instead of being selfish, perhaps we should give away some of our business products and services (of course it’s also a tax write off) to show our kindness and offer our customers a chance to share in our good will. They may even pay it forward. We never really know the spin-off or effects of our gestures or how far it will extend and the returns are usually rewarding.

Just have a look at current marketing trends for many businesses today who are offering free trials, try before you buy, or consulting with no obligation to buy. Manufactures or organizations offering us an opportunity to try free products or services helps build client trust and makes believers out of us, not to mention great customer referrals.

Perhaps start in the giving season of ‘Peace on Earth’ and ‘Goodwill Toward Men’ and try giving away a few of your products and services to your customers or clients. In return, you have a chance to gain their trust, loyalty and new business. Perhaps start your New Year’s resolution by offering a free trial or offer some demo products knowing that seeing and trying makes believers out of most of us. So what’s it going to be this year? Are you a Scrooge or a Santa.

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