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Why would you spend thousands of dollars to set up your business and create a great website and then impede your branding by not using a business email address? Would it surprise you to learn that, when it comes to building trust with customers and clients, business email is just about as important as online reviews? Sending email from your domain email address can affect your business’s credibility nearly as a much as a positive review on Facebook. It’s about building trust from the very first appearances as we all know in business.

So what makes prospective customers and clients trust your small business? Yes, reviews are huge, but did you know that a business email is a close second expectation for customers and clients? If you think your customers or clients like your personal email address, they don’t. In fact, recent surveys by Godaddy indicate that 74% believe that a business email address that matches the business website is key to building trust.

Recently, about one-third of the consumers Godaddy surveyed doubted the trustworthiness of business emails sent from personal email addresses like @yahoo @outlook @gmail. Also, a generic email account probably isn’t doing your business any favours either. In fact, 24% of consumers are concerned about sharing their personal info from generic accounts and 23% of consumers are wary of sharing their credit card information.

The two big names for business email are Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite for hosting email. They have business email along with a whole suite of other online tools. Since domain-based email account builds trust and it just might be worth the $50-$60 annually to build that crucial trust required in sales and marketing, it just might be worth your while to consider a business email.

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