Website Support Services

Website hosting. Content management. Maintenance support. 

Website Support Services

Affordable, excellent client services with fast reliable website hosting, content management for text and media changes and website maintenance support for quick fixes, administrative and performance tasks.

Website Hosting

Fast loading managed WordPress hosting with business level SSL security, malware scanning and automatic updates.


Content Management

Quick next day content management support from our team members for text, photos and video changes.

Maintenance Support

Our expereinced techs look after database management, WordPress core issues and any breaks or fixes.

Fast and Secure Hosting

Websites today need to appear quickly, be secure and be available 24/7.  Therefore, we provide our clients with fast-loading and reliable managed hosting including business level SSL security, daily website backups and restore, malware scanning and removal and updates for the latest WordPress platform, current theme versions and plugin updates for recent features; hassle-free and worry-free so you can get on with running your business

Content Management

The number one complaint for websites in North America, is that the content and images are not current. Beyond being current, regular changes help with your SEO ranking. Having new content posted on a regular basis and submitted to Google increases your ability to rank higher. We offer quick next day content management support for text, photos, audio and video media changes. This can also include making or changing settings and posting your blogs or news pages. 

Maintenance Support

With our website support plans, our clients have first priority for website maintenance support. Sometimes things don’t always update the way they should or sometimes plugins have conflicts. Our web technicians can provide quick website repairs, address any breaks, make quick fixes, provide administration database work, execute administrative tasks or optimize performance improvements. Let our team do your website upkeep. It’s what they do best so you can keep doing what you do best.

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Key website support services  

Your new website has secure, reliable and fast loading hosting. Content management and maintenance are required services working hard in the backend of support. 

Fast Hosting

Websites today need to load quickly to keep brower’s engaged and to meet Google search standards for better ranking.

Website Security

Your websites must be secure with malware scanning working in the backend. It gives both ranking and customer confidence 

Quick Changes

Websites need to be current and accurate and also provide new content to assist with your customer’s Google search results.


WordPress websites may need some adjustments from images appearance to plugin corrections to dataabase fixes.

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Contact us to learn how our affordable WordPress website support program can save your time, put your mind at rest and work with your small business.

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