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Website Design

Premium WordPress Design. Woocommerce Online Stores. Sensei Learning Manamgnent Systems.

Premium Website Design

We provide premium design and development for websites, ecommerce sites and learning management systems as well as all required marketing and support   

WordPress Platform

It’s the world’s most popular website platform with premium themes and layouts. We add only the best of brand plugins, developing your website with natural flow and calls to action so your story unfolds in a user friendly fashion.

Ecommerce Focused

For your website requirements,  we integrate WordPress compatible ecommerce shopping carts and embed calendar services booking systems, as well as offer embedded learning management systems. Whatever or whichever you need.

Integrated Marketing

We know your website needs to reflect your branding in a memorable way. Additionally, it must get found by Google searchers. Let’s help you automate your marketing processes to save you both time and money.

Premium WordPress Design

Your business is unique. Therefore, our professional website development services are not only comprehensive, capturing the gist of your business but also are completed in a timely manner because we know your time is valuable. Our process is everything you would expect in a professional marketing agency. We begin with an intake meeting to learn about your requirements, your objectives and your reasons for needing a website. Once we have your business logo and technical information, we build a rough concept site first to get the look, feel and layout of your custom website always keeping in mind your brand identity. Content for your unique website can be provided or you can use our qualified content writers. Photos can be your own images or stock photos. We specialize in embedded and API features to make it function with your unique business type. If your requirements mean taking your website to the next level, we can create an integrated calendar booking system, ecommerce online store or learning management system specifically for your business.

Woocommerce Online Stores

Our team can create and develop your online shopping cart by starting with a discovery meeting covering your requirements and objectives. We then coordinate your project with our team to develop and establish your online store. We incorporate your photos, descriptions, payment gateways, shipping options and provincial taxes. Once completed, your online store will allow you to manage your entire inventory with online tracking. You’ll even have the ability to integrate it with your accounting systems. For custom tax calculations we offer geo-location to detect your customer’s location for shipping and tax. We build a secure and customized shopping cart for your existing website to expand your business online so you can sell anything products and downloads. 

Sensei Learning Management

Most businesses require some form of online learning whether it be internal training, onboarding or extending employee skills. We can use your courses and media or allow out team of experts to research and create copy for your curriculum or the ability to design a user friendly internal resource training. We furnish a complete learning management system that is specific to your business needs. Using our team of researchers and writers we will create courses, write lessons, add audio and video media files, add quizzes customized for your industry as well as incorporate online payment and registration systems. We even have quizzes graded automatically and offer a bank of questions to display a random selection to your learners when they take a quiz. To complete your learning management system, we provide an entire reporting facility that gives you an overview of your content, grades and students registered with the site.

Our Process and Workflow.

We believe it’s good for you to understand the process of website development and building starting with an introduction discussion, the planning stages, working with you during the building process, combing through the details of your final editing and media changes and help you with the strategic marketing eoforts for the launch your new website.

Schedule a Meeting

Pick a convenient time for an introductory discussion about your business, requirements and understand your preferences.

Build Your Website

Review your invoice and make a payment. We get started on your website colours, layout and get your website infotmation.

Website Review

Review your draft website and make final changes to your text, call to actions and make any required changes to your photos.

Website Launch

We setup your blog/news page, intrgrate your social media pages and make SEO settings and then launch your new website,

Let’s Work Together

Contact us to learn more about our website design or arrange a time for an introduction discussion. 

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